Spring 2018

Date Paper Presenter Snacks
Jan 16 sign up for papers
Jan 23 Cache Locality Optimizations for Recursive Programs David
Jan 30 SPIDER: Stealthy Binary Program Instrumentation and Debugging Via Hardware Virtualization Omar
Feb 6 A Cloud-Scale Acceleration Architecture Joe
Feb 13 Spectre Attacks: Exploiting Speculative Execution Kelly
Feb 20 Halide: A Language and Compiler for Optimizing Parallelism, Locality, and Recomputation in Image Processing Pipelines Nimit
Feb 27 A many-core architecture for in-memory data processing Christian
Mar 6 no meeting (Spring Break)
Mar 13 ASIC Clouds: Specializing the Datacenter Kavya
Mar 20 ASPLOS practice talk Christian
Mar 27 no meeting (ASPLOS)
Apr 3 Access Pattern-Aware Cache Management for Improving Data Utilization in GPU Yuanfeng
Apr 10 No meeting (OOPSLA)
Apr 17 TBD ? TBD
Apr 24 TBD ? TBD

Fall 2017

Date Paper Presenter Snacks
Sep 5 An Energy-Aware Debugger for Intermittently Powered Systems (Top Picks 2017) Joe
Sep 12 Instruction punning: lightweight instrumentation for x86-64 Omar
Sep 19 Taming Undefined Behavior in LLVM Yuanfeng
Sep 26 Simple, fast, and safe manual memory management David & Christian
Oct 3 Toward a DNA-Based Archival Storage System Kavya & Kelly
Oct 10 MICRO Practice Talk Christian
Oct 17 no meeting (MICRO)
Oct 24 no meeting (OOPSLA)
Oct 31 Hardware Translation Coherence for Virtualized Systems Yuanfeng
Nov 7 In-Datacenter Performance Analysis of a Tensor Processing Unit Kavya & Joe
Nov 14 no meeting (PLDI deadline)
Nov 21 no meeting (ISCA deadline)
Nov 28 The Turtles Project: Design and Implementation of Nested Virtualization Omar & Kelly
Dec 5 Jenga: Software-Defined Cache Hierarchies Nick

Spring 2015

Date Paper Presenter Snacks
January 28 Symbolic Execution of Multithreaded Programs from Arbitrary Program Contexts (OOPSLA '14) Christian
February 4 Programming a Multicore Architecture without Coherency and Atomic Operations (PMAM 2014) Akshitha
February 11 PREDATOR: predictive false sharing detection (PPOPP 2014) Akshitha and Brooke
February 18 Low-overhead and high coverage run-time race detection through selective meta-data management (HPCA 2014) Yuanfeng
February 25 Continuously Measuring Critical Section Pressure with the Free-Lunch Profiler (OOPSLA 2014) Ariel
March 4 Fence-Free Work Stealing on Bounded TSO Processors (ASPLOS 2014) Joe
March 18 EOLE: paving the way for an effective implementation of value prediction (ISCA '14) Nick & Christian
March 25 OOPSLA "The Ultimate Inspiration is the Deadline" -Nolan Bushnell No Meeting
April 1 High-Performance Fractal Coherence (ASPLOS 2014) Joe
April 8 Replay debugging: leveraging record and replay for program debugging (ISCA '14) Ang
April 15 Low-Level Detection of Language-Level Data Races with LARD (ASPLOS '14) Ariel
April 22 ScaleGPU: GPU Architecture for Memory-Unaware GPU Programming (IEEE Computer Architecture Letters (Volume:13, Issue: 2 )) Brooke
April 29 Whose Cache Line Is It Anyway? Operating System Support for Live Detection and Repair of False Sharing (EuroSys '13) Liang

Summer 2014

Date Paper Presenter Snacks
June 10 Data-Parallel Finite-State Machines (ASPLOS '14) Joe Joe
June 17 DianNao: A Small-Footprint High-Throughput Accelerator for Ubiquitous Machine-Learning (ASPLOS '14) Brooke TBD
June 24 Towards Energy Proportionality for Large-Scale Latency-Critical Workloads (ISCA '14) Laurel Brooke
July 1 K2: A Mobile Operating System for Heterogeneous Coherence Domains (ASPLOS '14) Akshitha TBD
July 8 Test-driven repair of data races in structured parallel programs (PLDI '14) Yuanfeng Christian
July 15 Doppio: Breaking the browser language barrier (PLDI '14) Christian TBD
July 22 HELIX-RC: An Architecture-Compiler Co-Design for Automatic Parallelization of Irregular Programs (ISCA '14) Joe TBD

Spring 2014

Date Paper Presenter
January 22 Snow Day! Everyone
January 29 Choosing Papers Everyone
February 5 Empirical analysis of programming language adoption (OOPSLA '13) Christian
February 12 Octet: Capturing and controlling cross-thread dependencies efficiently (OOPSLA '13) Yuanfeng
February 19 Crank It Up or Dial It Down: Coordinated Multiprocessor Frequency and Folding (MICRO '13) Laurel
February 26 Triggered Instructions: A Control Paradigm for Spatially-Programmed Architectures (ISCA '13) Joe
March 5 Clarifying and Compiling C/C++ Concurrency: From C++ 11 to POWER (POPL '12) Abhishek
March 12 Spring Break -
March 19 Mathematizing C++ Concurrency (POPL '11) Dmitri
March 26 PVCoherence: Designing Flat Coherence Protocols for Scalable Verification Abhishek
April 2 The Locality-Aware Adaptive Cache Coherence Protocol Brooke
April 9 Effective Race Detection for Event-Driven Programs (OOPSLA '13) Yuanfeng
April 16 An Experimental Study of Data Retention Behavior in Modern DRAM Devices: Implications for Retention Time Profiling Mechanism (ISCA '13) Laurel
April 23 DNA-based Molecular Architecture with Spatially Localized Components (ISCA '13) Brooke
April 30 Power Struggles: Revisiting the RISC vs. CISC Debate on Contemporary ARM and x86 Architectures (HPCA '13) Joe

Fall 2013

Date Paper Presenter
September 5 Halide: A Language and Compiler for Optimizing Parallelism, Locality, and Recomputation in Image Processing Pipelines (PLDI '13) Joe
September 12 Cooperative Boosting: needy versus greedy power management (ISCA '13) Laurel
September 19 MAO - An Extensible Microarchitectural Optimizer (CGO '11) Christian
September 26 Low-cost Program-level Detectors for Reducing Silent Data Corruptions (DSN '12) Udit
October 3 Why You Should Care About Quantile Regression (ASPLOS '13) Rafi
October 17 CONCURRIT: A Domain Specific Language for Reproducing Concurrency Bugs (PLDI '13) Yuanfeng
October 24 OOPSLA practice talk: Ironclad C++ Christian
October 31 Improving multi-core performance using mixed-cell cache architecture (HPCA '13) Laurel
November 7 Composing Parallel Software Efficiently with Lithe (PLDI '10) Christian
November 14 SurfNoC: A Low Latency and Provably Non-Interfering approach to Secure Networks-On-Chip (ISCA '13) Brooke
November 21 Automatic Generation of Peephole Superoptimizers (PLDI '06) Dmitri
December 5 Stochastic Superoptimization (ASPLOS '13) Abhishek

Spring 2013

Date Paper Presenter
January 18 Cache and I/O Efficient Functional Algorithms (POPL '13) Christian
January 25 Automatic Predicate Abstraction of C Programs (PLDI '01) Abhishek
February 1 Cosmic Rays Don't Strike Twice (ASPLOS '12) Laurel
February 8 Complexity-effective Superscalar Processors (ISCA '97) Arun
February 15 Side-Channel Vulnerability Factor (ISCA '12) Joe
February 22 MorphCore: An Energy-Efficient Microarchitecture for High Performance ILP and High Throughput TLP (MICRO '12) Laurel
March 1 Space Efficient Conservative Garbage Collection (PLDI '93) Christian
March 15 Cancelled - Computation Sprinting ASPLOS Practice Talk Arun
March 22 Discerning the Dominant Out-of-Order Performance Advantage: is it Dynamism or Speculation? (ASPLOS '13) Arun
March 29 Multiscalar Processors (ISCA '95) Joe
April 5 Stabilizer: Statistically Sound Performance Evaluation (ASPLOS '13) Christian
April 12 Type-directed Completion of Partial Expressions (PLDI '12) Abhishek
April 19 GPUfs: Integrating a File System with GPUs (ASPLOS '13) Arun
April 26 Optimization Coaching (OOPSLA '12) Christian
May 3 Concurrent Data Representation Synthesis (PLDI '12) (Background: Data Representation Synthesis (PLDI '11)) Abhishek
May 10 Cache-Conscious Wavefront Scheduling (MICRO '12) Joe
May 17 Alternative Implementations of Two-level Adaptive Branch Prediction (ISCA '92) Laurel